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Now Accepting Purchase Orders as a form of Payment - Apply Today

Mountz DPC-Touch Posi-Control System V2

MPN: DPC-Touch Posi-Control System V2

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SKU 260290
by Mountz
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DPC-Touch Posi-Control System V2
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Tool Weight:
1.2 lbs.
Tool Length:
Tool Width:
Tool Height:
The DPC-Touch Posi-Control device works in conjunction with the position control torque arm. Together the two units are an error-proofing system that detects and eliminates costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Sequence-based fastening is critical to proper process control and a quality fastening result for torque applications. A position control torque arm system ensures a power tool runs down the fasteners in the proper sequence. The encoder sends arm positioning data to the posi-control device where it saves the data and the time it took to complete the rundown. During subsequent fastening with the positioning torque arm, the posi-control device will not clear a sequence unless it has been completed within the set parameters. It’s like putting the eyes and ears of a quality control manager where they are needed most – right at each work station.
    • Full touch screen programming.
    • Programmable sequence operation.
    • Traceability and error-proofing. Real-time monitoring.
    • Safeguard against fastening failures by ensuring that every screw is in the correct location at the right torque.
    • Detects - cross threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns and cycle complete.
    • Compatible with DC Controlled Tools, torque electric screwdrivers (with transformers or controllers), air tools (ported).
    • Password protection and mountable.
    • Can interface with most intelligent driver systems that store  multiple torque programs and has external digital I/O control.
    • Quick and easy to setup. Self teaching and automation program mode.
    • Programmable: Positioning Tolerance, Min. and Max. time for Poka Yoke control (automatic or manual) and 99 memory points
    • Programmable “Job Manager” interface makes it easy to create, save and recall saved jobs. (Maximum number of jobs is 255.
    • Detection of sequence fastening error and buzzer alert. (Position Ok, Alarm and Cycle complete signals.).
    • Screw count display.
    • Inputs and Outputs for machine & PLC interface for line control.
    • The touch posi-control device is compatible with EZ-Glider position control torque arms (Articulated & Telescoping models)
    • Screen: 7” LCD Touch screen, 800 x 480 px
    • Inputs 24V: 12 w/assignable functions
    • Outputs 24V: 12 w/assignable functions.
    • Total Job Memory: 255
    • Total positions memory: 255 jobs x 255 steps x 99 positions per fastening step max 100steps of the  same type in one job
    • Total Encoder Capacity: 4
Compatibility with Automation Devices

Open job structure allows set up for customized logical sequences of fastenings, messages and I/O devices.

  • Part In/Out Management
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Pick-to-Light Sensors
  • Bit / Socket Tray Selector
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Signal Tree Management
  • Screw Presenters
  • Password Protection

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